When you purchase an insurance policy, you are entitled to the full benefits under that policy. However, insurance companies often attempt to get out of their responsibilities due to a self interest of saving money. You should never have to represent yourself alone against an insurance company or accept an unfair settlement offer. If an insurance company refuses to pay your claim, denies payment or offers an insufficient amount, you should hire a lawyer to enforce the insurance company’s obligations. Business owners, homeowners and vehicle owners can often encounter issues when submitting a claim to their insurance company. Even when represented by a public adjuster or an attorney, it is common for there to be some type of dispute for the value of the claim. If your insurer is denying your claim, demanding unreasonable hoops for you to jump through or is dragging their feet in your case, you should obtain the help of an experienced insurance dispute attorney. A seasoned and experienced insurance lawyer will be familiar with the language of the insurance agreement, as such language is usually highly technical and may be difficult for some to understand.

Insurance companies have their own lawyers to deal with disputes on hand to represent their interests. Hiring an attorney can let you even the playing field. Insurance companies anticipate disputes due to the nature of the business and are always prepared. Meanwhile, the victims have to find their own legal representation and take the time out of their life to fight the case. Fighting insurance companies can take time and be very costly. The cost alone in these types of cases could run into the 4 to 6 figure range. Such costs can include the hiring of insurance experts to provide a coverage opinion in your case and to provide deposition testimony. In short, these types of cases can be very complicated, technical and expensive. Therefore, protect yourself by hiring an insurance dispute attorney.

If you are having a tough time getting your claim paid by your insurance company, it isn’t too late to call an attorney. If you or a loved one has found themselves in an insurance dispute, please contact The Curry Law Group today.


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