Financially complex divorce

If you and your spouse own a business, possess property or have acquired a high net-worth by other means during your marriage, you need a good experienced lawyer to guide and protect you during a complex divorce.

The Curry Law Group has extensive experience in high asset divorce cases. We will work hard to reach a settlement agreement in a timely and economical manner. But we will also work to prevent you from making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Curry uses expert forensic accountants who can peel back the layers of complex business agreements, entrepreneurial arrangements and measure current values as well as projected profits.

Your future economic security could depend on how retirement accounts or benefits and marital assets and properties are divided. The numbers in a settlement offer may look equal, but our experts will know whether or not certain types of assets will face heavy taxation that could reduce their value.

Curry Law Group attorneys understand both the financial and legal issues that will determine how a large marital estate is divided up during a complex divorce.

If you are expecting a large inheritance and are considering a separation or divorce, it’s very important to consult a Curry lawyer who can explain how to legally protect your inheritance from becoming part of the marital estate.

Knowing how to follow the money trail, how to value a business or determine the value of art or other collectibles is just one part of a complex divorce trial.

Another part is how to strategize, how to negotiate and how to best present the facts in divorce court in order to win the best outcome. Curry Law Group attorneys will fight for your best interest and your family’s best financial future.