The longer you wait to take care of child custody issues in a divorce, the more difficult it may become to resolve them.  And a protracted court battle can become very costly, and very unpleasant for both parents and their children. The Curry Law Group has experienced attorneys who can explain the current custody laws and guide you through the process.

For example, there are two kinds of custody:  legal and physical.

The parent with lawful custody has the right to make the decisions while the parent with personal custody can schedule the time of the meeting with the other parent.

Some people believe that the parent who makes the most money should win sole custody.  Others believe judges will favor one parent over the other because of gender.

But family court judges consider a wide range of factors that are revealed from a comprehensive custody evaluation. That can include psychological interviews with all members of the family; family histories; and personality and parenting assessments.

An evaluator may also review previous treatment records; interview neighbors, teachers or others who might be knowledgeable of family matters; and observe each parent’s interaction with the children. The interviews may help clarify any contradictions of information.

With all this information, a skilled custody evaluator is generally able to arrive at a transparent impression of the true family dynamics, the needs of the kids, and of the strengths and weaknesses of each parent.

Divorcing parents can be very passionate about any issues regarding their children, and disputes over even simple things can become heated conflicts and build until it feels like the parents are at war.

However, an experienced attorney understands the law and knows how to maneuver through arguments and conflict. He also comes prepared, having studied all the minutia and data of his client’s family in order to make recommendations that are aimed at getting the best result for his client.

But even if you are on good terms with your spouse and agree on custody issues, you may not want to rely on the current good will lasting for the next 5, 10 or 15 years. A legally binding document will protect you and your children should your ex-spouse change their mind sometime in the future.

So if you or a loved one is going through a divorce and needs legal counsel pertaining to the custody of your children, please contact an experienced attorney immediately. The Curry Law Group is an experienced firm that services the entire Tampa Bay Area and would like the opportunity to represent you.

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